Chris marries Anna

August 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

So today is considered ‘Throwback Thursday’. This gives me the opportunity to post an album that I should have done so a long time ago.

Now, the very long delay was not intentional, I promise.  This post is one that is very dear to me; it is the wedding album of my good friend, Chris Graham, and his beautiful wife, Anna. (For those who remember, I covered their engagement session last October.)

This wedding required me to fly all the way to Manila. (which I didn’t mind because it mean I got to try Chris’ The Burger Project. ) When I arrived at the hotel on the morning of the big day, it made me smile seeing so many familiar faces. It was like I never even left Cebu. I had breakfast and spent some time catching with the wonderful Graham family, whom I have known ever since I moved to the Philippines. I must say, there was never a dull moment all throughout the day; everyone was always laughing, talking, and joking around. (Which I love because they give such great candid shots)

I decided to make the title “Chris Marries Anna” instead of the usual ___ + ____ to give it a more personal touch. It was actually only me shooting (I think it’s time for me to explain that I was a second shooter. The official photographers were Shutter Panda) which meant I could only cover one side of the preparations. Since it’s usually the bride that’s always focused, it gave me a good opportunity to show a bit more of the groom’s side of the story.

Moving on to the wedding proper. Wow, I must say, it was one of the most beautiful and inspirational weddings I have been too. The priest asked to talk to all the photographers and videographers and told us what to do; he even explained that he encourages photos and videos and their importance in weddings. When ever-so-beautiful Anna walked in, all eyes were on her and her eyes were all on Chris who was filled with tears of joy. Words cannot explain all the feels that day. It was just so beautiful, so happy, so inspiring. You could really feel the love.

I shall stop my babbling now. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Chris and Anna Graham’s I Do’s. Enjoy. 🙂

_DSC1281 copy
_DSC1282 copy


_DSC0016 copy
_DSC0155 copy


_DSC0269 copy
_DSC0364 copy
_DSC0372 copy
_DSC0443 copy

P.S.- For those who’d like to view the more official photos of this amazing wedding, you may go to Shutter Panda’s site.


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