The Queen’s Court

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

“Well you can fight it but you know that you won’t get your way in the end

Too many people, the King and all of his men

And if you’re dealing a line of cards

Won’t you take me to the queen of hearts?

Hello all! I’ve been waiting for this day to come, where I can finally show you the finished product from my royals/playing cards shoot. Months and months of planning has finally paid off. My wonderful friend and go-to stylist, Joyce Maw, have been wanting to have this shoot since around September of last year. However, it kept getting delayed because our schedules never synched. Plus, we were still on the search of the perfect team. February came rolling along, we found our team line-up, and finally an open schedule.

Twas shot on the first week of March, in Mangga Studios. It was a bit out of my element since my shoots usually have that “princess in the forest” feel. This time, we went a bit more punk and quirky. Joyce did a splendid job styling out the whole shoot. I never felt so proud. And of course, I have to doth my cap to my model, Ane, and hmua, Eunice and Shyra. The last time I had a shoot with Ane was about 2 years ago. She has definitely developed more as a model. *Feels like a proud mother* And of course, I have to hand it to Eunice and Shyra for a remarkable job on making Ane even more beautiful than she already is. They say that behind a great man is a great woman. Well, I think that behind a great (fashion) photograph is a great team. They make the photo what it is with their amazing talent. Oh and might I add, I have collaborated with Bea Gomez a.k.a Bluetoaster to give the photos a twist by having her add some graphics to give it that playing card feel. Loving the subtle level of detail.

Hope y’all enjoy what we’ve come up with! Happy weekend!


Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Ane Ugarte
Styling: Joyce Maw
HMU: Eunice Enrera and Shyra Qyumbi
Graphics: Bea Gomez
Designs: John Arellano, Exur Lopena, Bree Esplanada


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