Secret of the Sea

April 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

“The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever”

I’m proud to say that I have been much more active lately. So much, that I’m actually having trouble catching up with my editing. But hey, I’d like to consider that a good problem. For now, I’ll be skipping to my most recent shoot, one that I have been dreaming to do since I started photography in high school. The summer season in the Philippines is finally here and what would be a better way to greet it than with an underwater shoot at the beach? I started planning it out last month with fashion designer/good friend/mermaid, Abigail Dahlberg. She’s had a lot more experience with taking photos underwater than me, so I knew she was well suited to be my stylist. I called on my trusted makeup artist, Eunice Enrera, to be part and one of my newest fave models, Elizabeth Von Kalm, to be part of my team. There were a lot of obstacles that came my way, but I’m so so grateful that everything fell into place. (The universe does love to troll with me.) We drove all the way to Oslob to shoot in the beautiful Sumilon Island. Why go all the way there? Well, I knew the waters in Sumilon would be very clear and how could you say no to a mini summer escapade? There is still I lot I need to work on with regards to underwater photography. This was my first, but definitely not last, underwater shoot. I’m excited for the next one already! Hope y’all enjoy going through this set. Much love.

DCIM110GOPROG3121856. DCIM110GOPROG3121851. DCIM111GOPROG3402621. DCIM111GOPROG3402625. DCIM111GOPROG3382545. DCIM110GOPROG3021171. DCIM111GOPROG3182002. DCIM111GOPROG3322372. DCIM110GOPROG3021178. DCIM111GOPROG3272263.
Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours Truly)
Model: Elizabeth Von Kalm
MUA: Eunice Enrera
Styling: Abigail Dahlberg
Special thanks to Jon Cabiles for being my underwater photography consultant.


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