White Noise

October 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Picture a pleasant, daytime walk in the forest. So serene. So picturesque with sunlight streaming through the leaves and the branches. Charming, right?

For this year’s annual Halloween shoot, I take away that illusion of a beautiful scenery and add a pinch of grim and eeriness to it. Let’s take a walk in that same forest just when it’s about to get dark. You hear a rustling on the side. You see what seems to be a ghostly figure passing by in the distance. Finally, you shout out,”Hey, did you guys see that?” Naw, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Or is it?

Happy Halloween, folks.

_DSC1802_DSC1794 _DSC1796  _DSC1815 _DSC1823 _DSC1848 _DSC1884 _DSC1904 _DSC1911 _DSC1928 _DSC1943 _DSC1947 _DSC1952 _DSC1962 _DSC1985_DSC1981  _DSC1987

Photography: Christine Cueto
Designs: Bree Esplanada, Joyce Maw, and Celine Borromeo
HMUA: Maria Faizel Tan
Models: Kirsten Pickett and Mina Ejambre of Wafer Models
Assistance: Mier Macapaz, Naiz De Gracia, and Gail Geraine


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