Water Flow

April 4, 2017 § Leave a comment

“While you’re living out in your chemistry
Losing all your thoughts and your memories
Take another hour, let the weather pass
It’s changing like the tide like it always has”

There’s just something about shooting in water that just gets me. I love the challenge of being in a totally different element and, even more so, the results you get when you’re able to capture the right moments. In my recent trip back to Cebu, I definitely grabbed the opportunity to go on a shooting spree- especially one where I get back in the water. I’ll admit, there were a few bumps throughout the planning process, but it’s so crazy how everything fell into place on the day of the shoot. This was the first time Maria and I got to work together since my thesis shoot four years ago, and it amazes me to see how much she’s developed as a model – I could not have been any more proud of her. And it wasn’t just Maria, my whole team did such a fantastic job. Collaborating with great talent is one of the biggest reasons as to why I love shooting fashion. Well, I won’t keep you. It’s been almost a year since my last photo session, so I hope y’all enjoy this set. Cheers.


Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Maria Gigante of Origin Model Managment
Styling: KMiranda
Designs: Griffins Malazarte, Paco Serafica, and Hanz Coquilla
HMUA: Maria Faizel Tan
Assistance: Lyniel Romero

Special thanks to Tancor Residential Suites for the location.

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