Fading Through

July 11, 2017 § Leave a comment

“Somebody came into this house
Upon their head a crown of thorns
As every winter came and left
They’re not leaving you alone.”

Hey, y’all. I hope everyone is doing well. The past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. I’ve taken a couple of out-of-town trips, have had a bunch of visitors come in, and I’ve been prepping to *drumroll* (finally) move into SF. Now that I’ve gotten some downtime, I’m glad to finally share part II of my shoot with Ange with everyone. Unlike part I, this set takes a darker turn. My crew did an amazing job to help me create a beautifully, eerie mood. Twas really a team effort – as all of my shoots are. I hope y’all enjoy, and hopefully when I’ve settled into the city, I’ll finally get back on track with my shoots. Cheers!

Photography: Christine Cueto (yours truly)
Model: Ange Gomez
HMUA: Arnauld Echevarria
Stylist: Marielle Entero
Assistance: Ezekiel Sullano
Special thanks to UVNS

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