Femme Facade: Shane

February 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

“All the faces we’ve forgotten,
All the tracks we’ve given up
Only saw you for a moment, no it was nowhere near enough”


Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Shane Velasco of AD Models
HMUA: Maki Evans Garcia
Designer: Dexter Alazas


Femme Facade: Alina

February 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

“And so you finally use it
Bedding with me you see at night
Your heart wears knight armour”

I don’t think I got to greet everyone yet. Happy (relatively) New Year! How has the first 31 days of 2015 been treating everyone? Whether it was good or bad, let’s embrace the 2nd month with open arms. I’m welcoming this love month with a shoot I did ’round September. Cebu designer, Dexter Alazas, gave me this wonderful opportunity to join a shoot dedicated to female talents called Femme Facade. Here, we’ve got the lovely Russian model, Alina, dressed in a romantic, red gown designed  by Dexter himself. This is the first set of our Femme Facade shoot, and it won’t be the last. So do expect more from this series. Enjoy!


Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Alina Vashko of AD Models
HMUA: Janice Barillo
Designer: Dexter Alazas


December 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hey, y’all! How have you been enjoying the Yuletide holidays? I hope it was nothing short of wonderful. I’m quite happy I get to enjoy this little break. What does one do when she gets time off from work? She works on other things! Haha. So this has been a long over due post. This is probably one of my biggest shoots for 2014. Why? Well, this shoot was for Floreia’s website. Floreia is an eco-friendly accessories company who turn botanical scraps into beautiful fashion pieces. Twas such an honor to shoot for them. I love their advocacy and the work they produce. The creative team I worked with made the shoot extra special and inspiring. I can always count on Stacy’s Exclusive, Blaq Mafia, and Little Bvck to give their 150% to help produce a great shot. Hope y’all enjoy the photos as much as I did creating them. Cheers!

Want to know more about Floreia? Check out their website:


_DSC1765 copy_DSC1779 copy_DSC1781_DSC1797_DSC1808_DSC1811_DSC1825 copy_DSC1837
_DSC1879_DSC1870_DSC1860 copy_DSC1856_DSC1850_DSC1898_DSC1905_DSC1918_DSC1926

Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Models: Leslie Booc and Danniemarie Aberilla of Stacy’s Exclusive
HMUA: Little Bvck
Styling: The Blaq Mafia
Assistance: Neil Briones

In The Lonely Hour

November 4, 2014 § 2 Comments

“Seems like I’ve just begun
To understand
My intimate is no one”

How’s everyone doing? In the midst of this crazy, hectic schedule of mine, I think I can finally start sharing the [abundant amount of] backlogs I have hidden in my hard drive. I’ll start off with this test shoot I had a few months ago with the charming New Yorker and good friend, Raymond Humphries-Erickson. Hope y’all enjoy. 321654

No Rest For The Wicked

October 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

“My one heart hurt another
So only one life can’t be enough
Can you give me just another
For that one who got away”

It’s that time of the year again. Happy Halloween, folks! May you all have a wickedly good time. 

_DSC1295_DSC1310_DSC1288_DSC1144_DSC1161_DSC1175_DSC1195_DSC1216_DSC1271_DSC1244_DSC1252_DSC1248Photography and HMU: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Andrea Chy
Styling: Joyce Maw
Assistants: Chino Gagui and Phyl Villarino

New Horizon

August 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve been waiting for the dark to come,
My temptation and salvation
I’ve been waiting for the tide to turn

Hey, y’all! How’s everyone doing? It’s been a couple of months since my last update. Oops. I’ve been out and about shooting, I promise. So here’s a set that I have been dying to share with you since July. It’s a crazy amazing collaboration with the creative genius, Nicky Roa. This futuristic-tribal-princess themed shoot was for an editorial for Blnc Magazine’s comeback issue. Must I say, I am truly honored to have my works grace the pages of Blnc. This is by far, my favorite shoot. I just loved everything about it- the art direction, styling, make-up, and the whole bunch of talents that worked hard to achieve this shoot. Congrats to Blnc for their superb work on the King’s Issue! The world is happy to have you back.

Check out their King’s Issue here:

final49 final50 final51 final52 final53 final54 final55


Art Direction and Styling: Nicky Roa
Assistance: Vandale Torrejos Dela Bajan
HMUA: JayJay Sanciangco
Model: Jam Dumadag of Models’ Association of Cebu

The Queen’s Court

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

“Well you can fight it but you know that you won’t get your way in the end

Too many people, the King and all of his men

And if you’re dealing a line of cards

Won’t you take me to the queen of hearts?

Hello all! I’ve been waiting for this day to come, where I can finally show you the finished product from my royals/playing cards shoot. Months and months of planning has finally paid off. My wonderful friend and go-to stylist, Joyce Maw, have been wanting to have this shoot since around September of last year. However, it kept getting delayed because our schedules never synched. Plus, we were still on the search of the perfect team. February came rolling along, we found our team line-up, and finally an open schedule.

Twas shot on the first week of March, in Mangga Studios. It was a bit out of my element since my shoots usually have that “princess in the forest” feel. This time, we went a bit more punk and quirky. Joyce did a splendid job styling out the whole shoot. I never felt so proud. And of course, I have to doth my cap to my model, Ane, and hmua, Eunice and Shyra. The last time I had a shoot with Ane was about 2 years ago. She has definitely developed more as a model. *Feels like a proud mother* And of course, I have to hand it to Eunice and Shyra for a remarkable job on making Ane even more beautiful than she already is. They say that behind a great man is a great woman. Well, I think that behind a great (fashion) photograph is a great team. They make the photo what it is with their amazing talent. Oh and might I add, I have collaborated with Bea Gomez a.k.a Bluetoaster to give the photos a twist by having her add some graphics to give it that playing card feel. Loving the subtle level of detail.

Hope y’all enjoy what we’ve come up with! Happy weekend!


Photography: Christine Cueto (Yours truly)
Model: Ane Ugarte
Styling: Joyce Maw
HMU: Eunice Enrera and Shyra Qyumbi
Graphics: Bea Gomez
Designs: John Arellano, Exur Lopena, Bree Esplanada

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